If you are in need or just want to try the products of the company, you can browse freely via this e-shop. By completing any order, you can also join ClubLR and enjoy a 15% discount on your favorite products. They are all tested, certified and totally safe to use.


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An LR affiliate is free and independent, but never feels alone as LR provides unwearied support at every step.


Each affiliate can choose among 3 levels:


1st: Personal use and money saving 

2nd: Extra income as part time

3rd: Career

By affiliating with LR, you can both buy all products at a 30% discount and create your own home based business without the risk of taking on any financial risk. Furthermore, you can avoid any risk through the unique Reward System that provides exclusive rewards entered into a bank account by LR.

From the moment you become an affiliate, you have your own schedule. You are able to set your own goals and due to your own enthusiasm and energy you can enjoy your hard working moments in order to reach the Income you have always desired. Driving Luxury Cars that are included to Free of Charge Benefits could really mean a powerful advertisement and attraction for your business. You can also experience unforgettable and unique Education and Leisure trips.


You can create a business without risking any funds, obligations and commitments required by the classic way of setting up businesses with little or no investment risk, without paying franchise fees, without the classic costs of a business (warehouses, rents, salaries, employees, etc.), without geographical restrictions, without contracts, with the only cost to affiliate with the first purchase of an equipment package, you can choose an amateur package with 99 euros (entry) or a more professional one with 199 euros (profit). Each package (Entry or Profit) is divided into two parts.

The first part deals with standard equipment, while the second part deals with products you choose, either for equipment, for personal testing or demonstration.


Well, you would really think 100 to 200 euros are much and hard to find, but I can assure you that I totally understand because I didn't have that amount too. However, I thought that in order to set up a business I would need at least 30,000 euros in expenses that I didn't own and without knowing if the business would succeed to get them back or not. I realized this was a unique opportunity and eventually I am very happy to have invested these 100 to 200 euros (Instead of thousands of euros!!) to a company of top scientists and laboratories with proven and safe results over the years.


Join LR, which is a leader in health and beauty. LR's affiliates are unique. They all had different reasons for becoming affiliates, but one clear goal: to find personal recognition and unlimited opportunities through LR, develop their own business and create their own schedule. With LR, you can have it all!


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